P&G Pro Line Baseboard Stripper

Highly effective baseboard stripper for removal of finish, as well as for clean-up of other tough soils. PG012211000

 Technical Specifications
  • Color Cloudy
  • pH 12 – 12.5
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Foaming liquid clings to vertical surfaces to prevent stripper from seeping under baseboard surfaces.

  • Proprietary non-butyl technology designed for user safety.
  • Fast and effective removal of wax and soil build-up on baseboards and floor surfaces. Ideal for removing heavy wax build-up in floor corners.
  • Effective for “spot stripping” when repairing small areas of damaged floor finish.

Formula Features:

  • Ready-to-Use (RTU)
  • Butyl free
  • Foaming liquid clings to vertical surfaces
  • Light, pleasant fragrance
  • Removes tough wax and soil build-up
  • Non-aerosol


  • Use on baseboards, door frames, and trim
  • Use on floor edges, corners and stairways where machines can’t reach.

Do Not Use On:

  • Painted surfaces (test first on inconspicuous surface)
  • Varnished wood
  • Any surfaces harm

Technical Specifications

Proctor and Gamble
12 – 12.5