KRYSTALIN 2.0 – Window and multi-surface cleaner 3.8L


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KRYSTALIN 2.0 is a very effective ready-to-use cleaner for cleaning windows and mirrors. It is also suitable as a multi-surface cleaner for light daily work. Its use is suitable on melamine, laminate, ceramic, stainless steel, chrome, aluminum, plastic, vinyl and plexiglass surfaces.

Product benefits

  • Product ready to use. Simply spray and wipe for sparkling clean surfaces.
  • KRYSTALIN 2.0 is the ideal product for optimizing the cleaning of windows, mirrors and other surfaces.
  • Its superior wetting properties allow it to remove dirt adequately. The cleaner disperses evenly and wipes off easily.
  • The drying phase is accelerated by a rapid evaporation process.
  • The combination of excellent wetting, exceptional cleaning properties and rapid evaporation results in clean, streak-free surfaces.
  • Multipurpose cleaner: ideal for daily cleaning of windows, mirrors and multiple surfaces.
  • The apple scent of KRYSTALIN 2.0 is very pleasant to use.